What do you think is ASE's special sauce?

ASE has an innate ability to distill an event into its core themes and visuals. They take 1000 different pieces and curate them specifically to a couple's love story by translating them into a perfectly planned event.

Molly Hartman - Rye Workshop


ASE is “new school” with a strong work ethic and the ability to produce high-end luxury events with both character and heart. I love how down to earth, relatable, and cool ASE is, they just get it.
— Heather Waraksa Photography

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What was planning your destination wedding in Budapest like with ASE? 

Overcoming the language barrier and cultural differences with Eastern European vendors was a big challenge at times, but Amanda and her team were so calm and professional, it instilled a sense of faith in us that everything would work out in the end (and it did!). Amanda took the time to get to know our families and friends throughout the planning process; I think a lot of small, personal details in the wedding that spoke to our families came from having that connection with her. Wedding planning is always a daunting task, but working with ASE made it an enjoyable experience! 

Anna & Greg


Planning a wedding is obviously overwhelming, but ASE made sure to calm my nerves and emotions continuously. Not only was the ASE team able to make all my visionary dreams come true, but they also took charge of all the vendors involved, making it an incredibly seamless process.
— Cameron & Joe
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What was the most memorable moment of your ASE wedding?

 There is one moment in particular that stands out. In between the vows and the cocktails, ASE whisked us off back to our room. Telling us to take time to relax a bit before the reception, during the ceremony they had made sure our room was stocked remembering which food we liked and the drinks we wanted. Every detail was considered. We didn't need to worry about or do anything! We were able to be together, knowing everything was taken care of. The freedom of that moment, to be with each other, with no worries, is something I will remember forever! 

Dani & Will


ASE is equal part professionalism and attitude- they are so much fun to work. They aren’t afraid of big or unique ideas, plus they always execute them with style and grace.
— Alex Rogerson, Suitesmith



What sets ASE apart from other planners? 

The fact that Amanda Savory comes from a catering background is an absolute dream and so rare for planners. It takes her to a whole other level, and she genuinely has a cohesive understanding of how events work - (literally) from soup to nuts! 

Lisa & Stephanie Karvellas – Cedar Lakes Estate