Amanda Savory is a major boss lady. The creative director and founder of ASE, Amanda Savory Events, quite literally does it all for the dedicated and established event-planning agency. From initial consultation to immaculate execution, Amanda doesn’t skip out on a single step of the process. Her strong determination led her to start creating individualized events/weddings that were less cookie-cutter and more cutting-edge.

Savory’s fresh perspective and thoughtful taste level have helped her to seamlessly execute events that are not only memorable, but also very much on-trend.

Here are 3 special sauce characteristics about this savvy savant that not only set her apart in an overcrowded market but also make you want to be her friend:



#1: she’s a shark 

Savory’s extensive practice and knowledge of the industry goes beyond listing on a resume. From catering to florals to interior design, she immerses herself in all aspects of the industry, making her a true expert in the field and readily capable of solving a problem before it even appears. She’s quick on her feet and always knows what will work best for her clients. 

#2: she’s modern

You won’t find any fluff or rainbows here. When it comes to any ASE event, Savory relies on inspiration from the world around her - including influences from the wonders of NYC, fashion trends, music genres (Bowie and Blondie are her fave) and international travel. Bringing these influences together has ingrained ASE with a stylish and sophisticated attitude that her clients can count on.

#3: she’s relatable

A down-to-earth and approachable demeanor has helped Savory create inviting relationships where clients can feel at ease and understood. Her clients can depend on complete transparency when working with her. She’s not afraid to roll her sleeves up to get the job done. Whether that means lifting furniture or holding a bride’s dress while she uses the loo, Savory truly loves the business and is determined to continue to learn and grow within the industry.




Clients call her the go to gal. Others would say she’s a logistical mastermind. For Amanda Savory, she’s the wind beneath her wings.

Kimberlyn, a lead event producer at ASE, provides assistance throughout the entire planning process of executing all events. On the day of, Kimberlyn can be found front and center from the moment the client arrives up until the last person leaves. She also attends to various aspects of the process such as cultivating all the nitty gritty details, executing a seamless rehearsal, and managing a perfectly produced timeline.

Here, the ASE team member gives us 3 fun facts that further proves her awesome-ness:



#1: she’s a plant mom to 25 beautiful plant babies

#2: she knows a great deal about Marvel superheroes

#3: she has a closet of power tools in her NYC apartment




Everyone has that one playlist that lights a fire under their *ss. Put on your headphones and get ready to rock out to ASE’s go-to jams.

I’m completely vulnerable to music.
I’m seduced by it.
— Debbie Harry